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We want you to get exactly the cyber coverage you need. And, since our service is so simple and fast, you can get it exactly when you need it. Just tell us the day you want your coverage to start!

Is your business headquartered outside of the United States?



Brightly's policy and services cover you worldwide. When designing the policy that's right for your business, knowing where you are located is important to determine what regulations, guidelines, and laws we need to be aware of to help you make sure you are compliant and protected.

Is your business aware of or have any knowledge of a potential cyber claim?



If you are currently in the middle of a cyber breach, you might have different needs or concerns. We'll work with you to determine the path forward that's right for you.

Does your business transfer funds electronically of $25,000 or more in any single transaction to external parties (ACH or wire)?



Some transactions are more likely to be targets of cyber attack or breach. If you deal with these types of transactions, you may need a more comprehensive policy to make sure you're covered. Whatever your needs are, Brightly will find the policy and service combo that's right for you!

Do you verify that from the date of this enrollment a valid attempt will be made to confirm that all funds transfer instructions for amounts of $25,000 or more are valid requests and are not fraudulent instructions?



What is your annual revenue?

Your annual revenue will help you determine how much cyber coverage you need. Generally, if your revenue is $2.5M or less, $100K of cyber coverage should be appropriate. If your revenues are $2.5M to $7.5M, $250K in coverage should be appropriate.

Choose your coverage amount



If you have more than $2.5M in revenues, or if you are working in a regulated industry (example — financial services or healthcare), call us to help with the appropriate coverage 1-866-848-1525. Also, if you already have cyber coverage, you can add our service and policy in addition to your current coverage.

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Policy Effective Date
Your Annual Revenue
Your Coverage Limit per incident
Business headquartered in U.S.
Business not on exclusion list
No transfer of funds in excess of $25,000
(or confirmation of such transfers not fraudulent)
No existing claims