Who is Brightly?

Brightly is a technology and solutions company that is doing insurance differently. Instead of only offering coverage, we bundle coverage with services to deliver more value than traditional insurance.

We currently offer cyber insurance for small businesses (with more coverages coming soon). Brightly offers fast, easy, and comprehensive support with everything from fraud preparation to post-incident cleanup. Our cyber insurance services are available online and include concierge phone and email accessibility. We are insurance professionals and tech enthusiasts who found a way to make insurance better.

How does the coverage work?

Brightly cyber insurance protects your business for the costs of a breach of PII. What is PII? PII is protected personally identifiable information. This includes any private information that has been given to your business. This can be email addresses, names, phone numbers or anything unique to an individual.

Our coverage has two different limits - $100,000 or $250,000.

The Cyber Liability Program protects businesses for the cost associated with actual or suspected breach of protected personally identifiable information in your business' possession that could be linked back to an individual.

To be eligible for our cyber insurance, you have to meet a few basic requirements -

  • Business must be domiciled in the USA
  • The following classes of business are excluded: (a) Banks, (b) Credit Unions, (c) Payment Processors, (d) Gambling Organizations, (e) Online Adult Industry, (f) Social Media/Networking Firms, (g) Cloud Providers (h) Federal and State government agencies (I) Municipalities (j) Franchise (k) Crypto-currency (l) marijuana dispensaries
  • Business must not be aware of or have any knowledge of a potential cyber claim at the time of application
  • Annual revenue of the business cannot exceed $7,500,000
  • If you ever have any more questions, please feel free to all us at 1-866-848-1525. We know insurance can be confusing and we are here to help!
  • Just a heads up, this is a brief coverage summary, not a legal contract. The actual policy wordings should be reviewed for specific terms, conditions, limitations, and exclusions that will govern in the event of loss.

Our cyber policy is admitted in all 50 states. What does admitted and non-admitted mean anyways? An admitted insurance company has been approved by the state's insurance department and is backed by the state. This means that if anything happens to Brightly, the state will take care of paying out your claims. It just acts as an added layer of security.

What does the policy cover?

Will I have proof of coverage?

Yes. Once you are officially enrolled, your certificate and copy of the policy will be available online in your account within 24 to 48 hours.

How do I file a claim?

A claim or potential claim is easy to submit and should be reported as soon as practicable. We recommend at most within 60 days of knowing about the incident.


To get started in filing your claim, please call or email us-


Filing a claim during business hours (9 AM - 5 PM EST):

Brightly Customer Support

Toll Free: 1-866-848-1525

Email: info@brightlyinsurance.com


Filing a claim during holidays, after hours, or in an emergency:

AXIS Capital Data Breach Hotline: 1-844-591-5997

Other products

Stay tuned as more is coming!