Brightly is there when small businesses need us most.

As many as 75% of small businesses are underinsured for their cyber needs. And we get it. Insurance is difficult, complex, and expensive. But without full cyber coverage and services, your business could be left stranded with overwhelming debt, loss of customer trust, or worse. Brightly makes it easy. We combine comprehensive cyber services with industry-leading coverage — all accessible to you through a simple online portal. We help you responsibly protect your business.

The cyber threat is growing and your peace of mind is too important.

75% of small businesses have no cyber insurance despite cyber security attacks increasing by 424% in 2018. We want you to be prepared for the worst.

We combine cyber services with A rated policy, all backed by live advocacy and online resources — protecting you even on your worst day. Along with coverage, you will have access to personalized care to help you address your individual business's needs, no matter how complex. With Brightly we can provide not only coverage but ongoing services to make sure your business stays protected.

Small Business Solutions

Don't operate in the dark.

At Brightly, we understand that not having the right cyber coverage at the right time can cost you your entire business. That's why we make getting insurance quick and easy.

How Brightly Cyber Insurance Works For Business Owners:

1. Quote Anytime, Anywhere

2. Get Covered

3. Get Back To Business

Our Policy

At Brightly, we provide insurance that does more.

Our cyber policy is different than most:

1. Covers fines and penalties that most cyber policies don't

2. Inexpensive

3. Works globally

We combine this policy with cyber services to give you a full solution for all of your needs. Brightly's policy covers you when you need it most — our services set us apart.

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Brightly is the cyber insurance that you need and the services you want.

At Brightly, we are passionate about helping small business owners succeed and confront even the most challenging of circumstances. Just 14% of small businesses rate their ability to mitigate and recover from cyber risks as highly effective. That's why we bundle together cyber coverage and services — we understand that sometimes cyber coverage just isn't enough. When you need us, we support you with everything from breach education to preparation to resolution, so that you can get back to what matters most. At Brightly, we do more than traditional insurance because you need it.